Friday, August 25, 2017

I never imagined being in a relationship with someone that has to be away for such a long time. Five months might not be long for you but it is to me. Especially if there are no other sense of communications other than letters. Knowing that we are living in a modern century where communication is so much easier. Millennials like me aren't used to having to write letters, mail it, and wait for their response that will take a few days or sometimes weeks. Not to mention, I promised myself that I will never have to deal with someone that's away from me nor I would compromise myself in a long distance relationship ever again. However, I met this guy that's just someone I wished for and more. Jay was like a ball of sunshine (and still is) and I couldn't help but fall for him. I think it was worth it though. Although I was never expecting for us to be away from each other for five months.

I thought it was so impossible for us to last longer because being away from each other and was still in our first months in the relationship really doubt our trusts for one another. There are so many doubts in my mind, I'd sometimes overthink. However, love overcomes all odds.

We spent the last five months of our relationship writing letters to each other. We had no other choice of ways to communicate but by sending letters. It was difficult. It was difficult to catch up and to continue your long overdue conversations. At the same time, it was fun, interesting, and challenging for us. I'd always think that we are such old school couples because I tend to compare our current situations similar to other couples from the 19th century or from years before that.

Writing letter was our major means of communication. Sometimes we'd get like when events come up and we both happened to be in the same event while he was there for community service. Seeing each other from afar was more than enough. It was moments in our lives that we cherish the most because we just felt lucky to be able to see each other at least once every month.

Nonetheless, I am more than happy to announce that my love is back! We made it through! We are just so grateful to our families and friends who supported us throughout this journey. As you can see we both looked so happy! Our hearts are full of happiness. That rendezvous we had was beyond what I expected it to be! Finally, after five full months, I didn't have to wait to see him! I can now stare at him all day, give him a bear hug, and talk to him all day and all night long.

Again, patience is necessary to have in life. Like they said, patience is a virtue. Indeed it is!

charxsh xx

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