Friday, June 30, 2017

There is nothing simultaneously complicated and fulfilling than love. Nobody really knows its exact definition nor its meaning. I don't think any human beings could fully explain why that "exist". All I know is that love is a feeling that any living individuals feel- even animals. I believe it is a feeling we feel that really makes us happy and sad at the same time. But mostly- it makes us happy and it even changes our perspective in life. In most cases, love makes us a better people. Sometimes, it does turn us into somebody we would not want to be. However, if you have love in your heart then that's enough reason to be happy- as in, genuinely happy. Not just the "plain" happy but a heartfelt one- the most genuine happiness you'll ever feel. Before, I thought being happy while others are in sorrow makes me feel guilty of being happy. Then again, other's feeling is out of my control. In the end, it was all a choice. Love is a choice. Being happy is a choice. If you choose to have love in your heart then happiness comes next. So I realized that choosing love is your first step to being happy. 

Although there are so many chaos and circumstances that will blocks your way to that genuine happiness you wanted- honestly, the difficulties don't even matter anymore. It doesn't matter because human beings are used to taking chances and I'm glad that most of us have that kind of courage. 
In school, my friends would wonder why I am "always" happy. Even on Mondays, (what's wrong with Mondays? lol) I still have that enthusiasm and happiness. But the answer is so simple... that's because I CHOOSE to be happy. It was my choice and I am free to make that choice. Not to mention, about three years ago, I was a complete mess haha I'm exaggerating... I wasn't really a "mess" but let's just say, I was lost. I was lost because of the heartbreak I had to go through. I was sad and devastated why I had to get heartbroken when in fact, I did my best to save our relationship. But love really has its way of letting us experience the most wonderful feeling in the world- at the same time, it lets us go through the extreme sorrow that we never wished to feel. That's love. 

Despite all the confusions and complications in love... I would definitely still suggest you choose to love. Always choose to have love in your heart because without love... there is no happiness and we would only be "common" human beings if we don't have it in our hearts. You choose. 

charish xx 

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